Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pajamas Media

I'm sure you'll all notice the changes on the site. There's a big, hard to miss button over on the right, and some of those big ads. In the short term, becoming a PJM blog will mean some increased traffic, some more publishing opportunities for me, and unfortunately, some ads. I'm going to see what I can do to make the layout better. I'm unsatisfied with how the banners look right now. Here's hoping everything works out for the best!


  1. ah the price of fame eh? no worries.

    take care.

  2. just think of the ads as spotlights for your thoughts. Ahhh that was bad, but like mike said "no worries"

  3. Anonymous17/5/07 21:14

    You page width is 660px. The right sidebar is 220px. The main body is 440px. If you look in the Outer Wrapper section of your style, the sections are outer-wrapper, main-wrapper and sidebar-wrapper.

    If you increase the size of outer-wrapper to 800px, you can increase the size of main-wrapper to 580 px, which will make the page look more normal.

    You may also need to increase the size of the header as well - change header-wrapper width to 800px too.

  4. Anonymous17/5/07 22:25

    It always makes me smile proudly when I see someone unselfishly share their knowledge with someone else, unasked. Antimedia, thank you.

    Dear TD, agree, no worries.

    Rain word picture... I was there with you... I didn't want to leave this comment at Karma because there was a spell cast by a commenter that I didn't want to break....

  5. Of course no worries. We love ads ;-)

    Congrats, TD.

  6. Anonymous18/5/07 04:08

    Could you put your picture back above the Pajamas Media thing-y?
    Congratulations. You deserve everything good (ads and all)

  7. I think it's a pretty simple drag and drop to pull the Pajamas Media thing below your picture. Don't be concerned about the ads. Writing of this calibre deserves more readers and I hope you benefit financially from it. You have been more than gracious sharing your thoughts with us.

    Oh, and that remark in your last post: "I stood underneath the netting with my eyes closed, smelling the suddenly fresh air, and thinking of the rain in the forests on the coast that was so similar to what I felt tonight thousands of miles away."

    I'm sure brought a lump in the throat to many a reader.

    We are so thankful for what you do.

  8. Anonymous18/5/07 14:09

    Keep growing, TD. Really enjoy your writing and worry when we don't hear from you...Thanks for all you're doing.

  9. Anonymous18/5/07 14:40

    Is there somebody that still doens't know ads can be easily filtered from web pages?

  10. Anonymous18/5/07 17:15

    Yep, I don't know that I can filter ads from web pages.

  11. Yep, I don't know that I can filter ads from web pages, either. i just keep winning the office pool for the most popups trapped each week.

  12. Anonymous19/5/07 03:09

    Ok, it depends mostly on what browser you are using.
    First, I suggest to DO NOT use Internet Explorer, because it doens't support modern Web standards and It is vulnerable to a lot of bad tricks while you surf the Web.
    So you should better use Firefox instead.

    Once you have installed Firefox from here:
    all you need to do is install ADBlock Plus extension from here:
    then go in the ADBlock Plus options and subscribe the Easy List.
    You don't see ads any more, AND they aren't just hidden, they aren't even download from the AD server, so pages load faster and you save bandwidth.

    If you want to keep on using Internet Explorer, there are different options, for example you can install a "local proxy" like this one:
    It sits between you and the pages you are browsing, filtering all the annoyances.


  13. Anonymous19/5/07 16:16


    On this ...Armed Forces Day..

    Thanks for you and your guys for all they do, in our behalf.

    Appreciate Ya


  14. Don't sweat the ads, or the criticism for having them.
    Just keep writing.
    God bless and keep you and your platoon.
    High Regards,

    Need a laugh?-

  15. Anonymous22/5/07 00:38

    Whore! lol

    Like 'John Beard' said, how dare you try to earn a little extra cash??
    Just because you are over in Iraq risking your life to defend America and the Iraqi people, doesn't mean you have the right to earn a few extra bucks in your free time. I mean, what makes you think you have the right to profit from your skill, talent and labor?

    I hope my comment is dripping with sufficient sarcasm.
    And the Biggest Douche-Bag Of The Week award goes to....

  16. "I hope my comment is dripping with sufficient sarcasm.
    And the Biggest Douche-Bag Of The Week award goes to....John Beard!! Get a life buddy.

  17. Anonymous22/5/07 20:46

    you do what you have to do babe. take care and well wishes.As-salaam Alaykum.