Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 In 2?!

Two days, three blog posts.

Too bad I can't keep this up.

I'll be off doing Army stuff for a while, and you won't be seeing any postings here for several days, at least. Hopefully, I'll come back soon with stories and pictures, so keep checking.

In other news:

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday on a hot and lazy afternoon back in Ramadi. Thanks to all of you who somehow managed to figure out when it was to send me something. The cards and well-wishes were great.

Acute Politics will have three posts appearing in Doonesbury's print edition of The Sandbox. The book will release in September, and will feature blogs from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Home Front, just like the website does. There will also be a picture on the back cover that should look very familiar to readers of this blog. Badgers Forward readers will be pleased to hear that Badger 6 will have entries in the book as well.

The ads *cue evil music* have sparked more than a few comments, and several emails for and against in my inbox. Perhaps it would help soothe some injured idealism if I reveal that I receive no monetary compensation for the presence of the ads- they exist solely to support PJM's relationship with this blog. If at some point in the future I do receive payment, it will go to a military charity. All that isn't to say that I think there's something wrong with profiting off of creative works in one of the few ways the internet allows- it's just that that is not the case this time.


  1. Anonymous24/5/07 07:50

    Happy birthday! At 23 you've done more then most have in a lifetime.

  2. Anonymous24/5/07 11:22

    Happy Birthday!

    Have a great year.

    Phoenix, USA

    Thank you for the good you do & for telling us about it.

  3. Anonymous24/5/07 11:43

    Congrats on being published... you deserve it. Keep up the good work. You are in my prayers.

    Jennie Hamilton

  4. Happy Birthday.

    The ads don't bother me. I am a grownup, I know I can ignore them if I want.

    Public Television and now a book, you are almost a celebrity.

  5. Congratulations to you and good luck!

    Don't forget to wear your seatbelt.


  6. May you enjoy many happy and healthy returns.

  7. Happy Birthday TD. Great posts as usual.All the best on your next mission.

  8. Happy Birthday! The party is coming through loud and strong. thank you for sharing your time with us. Your writings are wonderful, and I am glad they will be available to a wider audience. 23, OMG when you were born we were 23 and serving. Pardon me, while I get my cane and try to carry on! Keep up the good works, and take care. We are all proud and thankful for all of you.

  9. Anonymous26/5/07 15:43


    Happy Birthday.

    Don't mind the ads, but it is kind of ironic that the one I'm seeing now is for some BS TV show on USA Network. I'm sure the producers, actors, and other Hollywood jagoffs would cringe that their "art" is superimposed on your "military stuff."

    I'll take your stuff anyday.

    God Bless.


  10. best wishes, you should be published. stay safe on the mission, you know, the army stuff........

  11. Happy Birthday, TD !

    That's wonderful about your work being published - you deserve it !

    Stay Safe --

  12. Happy b-day. I really appreciate your posts. Congrats on being published!

    I presented you with the Thinking blogger award. You can link to it from my blog.

    Thanks for what your are doing.


  13. I just stopped by to wish you the best for this Memorial Day and thank you for your service, America loves you and your friends.....

  14. Happy Memorial Day! On behalf of my entire family I wanted to thank you for all you have given to this great country and it's people.

  15. Yeah! What they said! :O)

    Seriously...happy birthday, Don, and here's to many more.

    Raise 'em up, y'all. *CLINK*

  16. Congrats on making the cut in the Sandbox book due out. Can't have enough of this stuff in print, as *sigh* not everybody reads MILBLOGS.

    Keep up the good work!