Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Friday, March 30, 2007


I have two updates to the story I told recently about the children injured in a mortar attack.

First: At the time of the incident, another soldier in my platoon grabbed a man who was acting suspiciously directly after the attack, and handed him over to the Marines. As we were leaving the OP, the villagers brought a another man with his hands bound and eyes blindfolded, accusing him of being involved. It saddens me that children had to die to shock the villagers out of their fear of the insurgents, but at least they did something about it.

Second: We went back out on the same resupply run yesterday. There has been an amazing transformation in the area just in the week since we were there last. The road we take up to the OP that I said was such a bad route? It is now lined with checkpoints manned by militia fighters standing alongside Marines. The massive blast holes and craters in the road have been filled in, and both children and adults walked out where I have never seen people before. The children at the beginning of the road are still there, and still cheering for "Free stuff, Mister!", but now they have friends all along the rest of the road.


  1. Excellent news. Your post yesterday was heart wrenching - this is a much appreciated update.

  2. We've read about the sheiks siding with Americans in defense of their villages; I think they were calling themselves the sons of al anbar? Are these the militia you refer to? Your posts bring us right where you are. Thanks profoundly for reporting. So proud of all of you. The Nord Family Texas.

  3. Thanks for the good news. We are cheering for you too.

  4. Outstanding! This is exactly the sort of story the MSM should be reporting along side the stories of the huge attacks that kill 100+ people.

    Thanks for this update Don.

    What sort of free stuff do the kids (and you army-types of cource) enjoy the most?

  5. Thanks for the update TD, again where is the New York Times.....

    Stay safe

  6. Anonymous30/3/07 09:44

    We can send free stuff for the kids if it will help you in the hearts and minds dept. Just post what you need. Thanks

  7. Wow, that's GREAT to hear! I really hope things like this continue to happen and that eventually our military will be needed less and less and the Iraqis learn who really are the good people and turn against the bad ones themselves.

  8. Anonymous4/4/07 14:48

    Very good blog. Welcome to the 'Jammies' OSM!!

    Occasional Army abbreviations explained would be appreciated. Nitpicking\

    Best to the "Teflon Don". Heh!