Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Interview

My interview with Matt of BLACKFIVE is up, and it's cross posted at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Go read it for my answers to questions like these and more:

What worries you most about back home?
What is the one story, currently not told, that you would want America to know about?
What is most on the mind of the troops at the moment?

I should have the next few days pretty much to myself, so you can look forward to some new posts here, as well.


  1. Anonymous14/3/07 00:10

    Pretty nifty. We took a copy to Grandpa. :) Miss you.

  2. Anonymous14/3/07 06:08

    Great job with the interview.
    ~Mrs. Badger6

  3. thanks for sharing, i enjoy your perspective.

  4. An engineering degree ! Way to go, TD !
    Hope somehow the red tape can be cut so you can come home for a month for the photojournalism...
    Be safe !

  5. Nice interview! It would be great if the President and the Generals received a copy.

  6. Anonymous14/3/07 21:41

    outstanding, TD. Congratulations.

  7. Very good interview- You have a great perspective, and the right way of saying it. I love it!

  8. TD-

    That was a quality interview. The insights are solid. It would be my hope that the President, SecDef, and the Commander in Iraq will read and heed your comments. Thanks and stay ahead of the curve.

  9. Anonymous16/3/07 16:29

    TD, thank you so much for your service. Excellent interview and I agree that the President and all Our Congressthings should see this verbatim. With Soldiers such as you under his command, GEN Patreaus has the best chance possible to see his plans executed as close to how they should be. I am deeply grateful that you are an American and I pray for your safe return. Kill the enemy before he kills you. Please tell your buddies and the Iraqis you befriend, the real Americans over here are paying attention, we do care about you, we want you to win, we support your mission too.
    And, oh yeah, you're an excellent writer. More, please.

  10. TD for a grunt you sure are one hell of a wordsmith. Although Chris did just tell me a story about you and a can of cop grade Mace. Now I know why they put you in the turret. Arly is reading your Blog to man. Thanks for what you are doing