Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm going to be taking it slow for a few days on the blog. I know, I know... some of you would remark that me taking it slow is nothing unusual. Don't worry, though- I'll be back in a few days with some new posts and perhaps one about the memorial that we had Tuesday.

In the meantime, go to, register for an account, and nominate Badger 6 and/or myself in the 2006 MilBlogs contest. The nominations run through 22 Feb, at which point the top 5 blogs in each category (Service Branch and Country) will move on to voting for another four days.


  1. Hey, TD, NEVER call yourself a slacker....not with all YOU do for us. (Big Smile)

  2. Anonymous15/2/07 20:37

    TD after what you and all the other warriors have been through you deserve to take it easier for a few days . Son if you are a slacker we need 535 like you and badger6 in that circus we call congress. Thanks for all you do for me. May THE L RD G D bless protect you.

  3. I agree with maggie45, you are no slacker son, I have seen slackers and they did not look or sound like you.

    I tried to register at Milblogging but they have a server problem, will follow through.....

    Stay safe.....

  4. Anonymous16/2/07 06:19

    I agree with the others that you have a lackofslacker attitude. It's tough to vote for one milblogger. I depend a lot on all the blogs I read for the real deal. In the search for "On the ground news",I've met some truely amazing folks.

  5. still cannot register, they are having problems. also, i think sargecharlie above would be a great choice for veteran blog nomination!

    smiles, bee