Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Just Fixed the Pentagon's Budget

So I came up with a great idea to save the military money.

Get rid of this abortion:

If you've never had the pleasure of sampling this questionable delight, let me just say this: there are hundreds of thousands of young men and women under arms in this country, and every single one of them will go hungry rather than eat this MRE.

The Pentagon buys something on the order of 50 Million MREs a year. Since there are 24 different varieties, that's on order 2.1M Cheese and Veggie Omelets per year. At an avaerage of $7.25 per MRE (I couldn't find a price for the CaVO by itself, so I used the cost of a box divided by 12), that is $15 Million a year spent on the excrement of Satan.

It's wasted. All of it.

Update: So according to Wikipedia, this MRE is already on its way out this year. That's the bright side (and trust me... it IS a bright side).

The downside is that the Pentagon kept it on the menu for 4 years. That's $60M of your money forgotten in storage lockers, discarded in the trash, and picking up dust.


  1. holy crap, that looks disgusting

  2. I nearly just died laughing. You're right, that's the worst one. Also disgusting was Jambalaya, which I hadn't realized is no longer being produced. Though, I suppose, I could still run into one from 2006...

  3. badgerdog25/4/09 17:28

    I don't know the hashbrowns..... ok it really is the worst MRE now a days. You would think at having 200% of the daily amount of cholesterol, the omelet would be mighty tasty (instead of being so nasty).

    All omelet MREs are now officialy being sent to HQ section :)

  4. Anonymous26/4/09 11:45

    Bet if we fed the detainees this crap it would be torture............

  5. Just because they aren't buying it doesn't mean I won't see it.

    I hope the USMC has better taste. While I'm not expecting Coq au Vin, or grilled tuna in a reduction of some sort, I do hope this is NOT on the menu at Paris island.

    To anon: "Look, you either eat this, or you tell us what you know..."

  6. i think it was a bright idea... let the officials have the taste firsts...=)

  7. Anonymous28/4/09 14:11

    new form of detainee torture=old MRe's and pork!!

  8. Anonymous4/5/09 01:50

    In my 6 years in the Army, the Jambalaya was the worst... until the omelet came out. Worst... meal.. ever...

  9. In terms of MRE's, what is the worst?
    How it looks? How it taste's? How it smells?
    The texture? Sure does look absolutely disgusting and calling that ish an omelet requires quite the suspension of disbelief.
    Funny how all the senses contribute to one's ability to enjoy food. Even if it did taste good, it would be hard to eat something that looks that bad.

  10. Anonymous8/5/09 09:59

    be glad you missed the ham and lima bean c-rations!

  11. I’d rather eat the dirt under my nails.

  12. My experience is with C rations, and for me the canned eggs were the worst. I was in so long ago, I guess we could call them Satan's baby poop.

    This one made me laugh, and I linked to it from my page with a comment.