Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Don't worry about us today. Relax in your fire-warmed homes. Cut the bows and tear open the packages. Call the grandparents. Shovel the driveway and then build a snowman. Dig into the potatoes and have an extra slice of ham. Share a kiss under the mistletoe. Drink up the eggnog, and don't forget to raise a toast for your soldier far away.

Make sure everything is well at home- we'll take care of things here.

I wrote a post a year ago from the heart of the insurgency in Iraq's al-Anbar province. At the time, Ramadi was still one of the most violent cities in Iraq- the province as a whole was considered by many to be a lost fight. How things have changed in a year!

Now, I can do all the things I told you to do in that letter a year ago. My brothers and I shoveled the driveway. I opened presents with my family and my girlfriend, and talked to my sole remaining grandparent- the last man in the family before myself to have walked the deserts of the Middle East. Last night, I raised a toast for my friends who have now taken over my fight. They, and we, are succeeding, despite the opinions of some to the contrary. I don't begrudge others their viewpoints, and I certainly appreciate that proceeds from "Christmas in Falluja" will benefit wounded troops, but I feel that lyrics such as "It's Christmas in Fallujah/And we ain't never coming home/We came to bring these people Freedom/We came to fight the Infidel/There is no justice in the desert/Because there is no God in Hell" reflect poorly on the reality of what we are finally accomplishing.

I'm rambling again... this post started out as a cheery "Merry Christmas", and turned bragging/political. I'll let it stand though. Thank you all for the support you have shown us, and have some happy holidays!


  1. If you look at the lyrics of Christmas in Fallujah you will realize how ridiculous the song is. Another bunch of the celebrity zeitgeist attempt to slam policy on something they know very little about. It's dangerous because the uninformed in the Western public actually believe the things the beautiful and stupid say. Merry Xmas to you too Teflon Don. Hope you're enjoying the down time, like I am.

  2. Hi TD, I am sure your Christmas is better than last. I read Nixon's comment and watched the video. I am pleased that some of the profit goes to wounded soldiers but would never own it myself. I would donate the cost of the dvd to soldiers rather than let these folks have even a part of my money. It reminds me of the songs of the 60's, you know they are burned into my mind. These folks have no idea how to defend a nation, crusades my ass, they pissed me off.

  3. I forgot to tell you happy new year and enjoy your life.

  4. Merry Christmas sir! There are plenty of us civilians that understand we are being fed a line of bull@#$& by the Billy Joel's of this country. One just needs to keep up on the milblog reading and forget mainstream news media reports. I hope you will continue to enlighten us through your writing. I will continue to point friends and fellow readers in your direction. Thanks for caring. Glad to know you are enjoying the holidays!
    Soldiers Angel Member since 8/07

  5. All politics (acute and obtuse) aside for the moment:
    Merry Christmas!!!

  6. I remember very well last year's post. Crying my eyes out in gratitude for such young men as you, willing to risk your lives for us. So happy you're home safe.

  7. I am so glad you are home and enjoying a great Christmas.

  8. TD,
    Hope you keep on posting. You've got a gift for writing.

    Have a very happy New Year!

  9. Have a Happy New Year. Never feel bad about a good rant.

  10. happy new year, man

    thanks for making the world a better place

    we are all very thankful for your work

  11. Just keep on bragging, ranting, or whatever!

    Have a great New Year's Eve!

  12. Anonymous1/1/08 17:15

    Happy New Year and best wishes for a great 2008!

  13. Happy New Year !
    Thank you for your service, and for your continueing care.

    Gratitude and Prayers

  14. Anonymous3/1/08 23:49

    I hope you had a Happy Christmas and have a Very Merry New Year! Thanks for all your efforts in this Great Endeavor. And, on a smaller scale, thanks for the Frost reference; it made me look it up and that's a great poem, and Frost's a great poet.

    Best of everything to you in 2008!