Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Monday, October 08, 2007

Drinkin' Beers

A Gooseberry Wheat beer, to be exact, brewed by Scottish monks. Strange, but tasty. I've also stopped smoking (actually, I stopped the day I stepped onto the plane in Kuwait), and haven't craved a smoke yet. I've gotten used to wearing my seatbelt and using my turn signals again, and I've almost stopped reacting to debris/cracks/etc in the road. I still miss Iraq, though, and if it weren't for my knowledge of how life goes on without you during deployment, I'd volunteer to go again. Once in a while, I'll find myself back there while I teeter on the brink of sleep- I'm getting ready for a mission, or taking fire from that two-story building that the command wire runs to and wishing I could see which window its coming from. Those moments don't happen all that often, though, and I'm starting to immerse myself in normal life again.

I will be attending the BlogWorld Expo, held on November 8-9 down in Las Vegas. One of the featured events will be the awarding of the 2007 Weblog Awards, for which nominations are now open. According to the link tracker, this blog has already been submitted under the "Best Military Blog" and "Best of the Top 3501-5000 Blogs". Take a look over there, and submit a blog or two. You can also "plus up" a nomination, thus seconding the nomination and making it more likely to become a finalist. There's many excellent blogs over there to choose from.

Speaking of excellent blogs and bloggers, the upcoming book from The Sandbox is due out soon. Keep an eye out for it- I've had a bit of a glimpse inside, and it is well worth the wait.


  1. Anonymous9/10/07 07:08

    TD, I remember when my husband came home from Iraq, I thought he drove like a crazy man...avoiding every manhole cover, pothole and garbage can on the side of the road and driving as fast as he could. He had to work hard to "ratchet back" his driving to meet the normal every-day USA threats of drivers who think they should be driving for NASCAR. Still glad you're home.

  2. It will be nice to see you in Vegas! I owe you at least one drink!

  3. Thanks for the link TD. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas and the first beer is on me.

    Blog on!
    Rick Calvert
    CEO & CO-founder
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  4. I'm really happy to see that you arrived back home safely, been following your blog for quite some time ;)


    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  5. If you end up bored after the conferance, feel free to come out to central IL...