Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I've been getting an ever-increasing number of emails with questions about a multitude of topics. I've also been getting more and more repeat questions. I plan on doing an occasional Q&A post, so send your questions to acutepolitics(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll try to publish the first segment in 4-5 days.


  1. TD-

    That is perfect since that type of communication is the ONLY way those of us on the home front can get to the truth. Thanks much.

  2. Just so you know, I have give you the Courageous Blogger Award

  3. Q & A's - what a great idea. :)

    And I quite agree you have well-earned the Courageous Blogger Award that Sarge Charlie has given you!!!! HOOAH! :)

  4. Just so you know, I saw on Badger 6 that you are going to be published. This is great news, I did a SHOUT OUT for the book, stop by and take a look and pick up your award.

    ATTA'BOY TD, you make us proud.

  5. Anonymous3/8/07 10:40

    The Navy has a tradition of helping their own. Elroy day, a former bubble head has an incredible story to tell. He was blinded in a home invasion in North Carolina in 1995. He recently applied for and was accepted into the Purple Heart Service Foundations job training program to teach him how to become an at home call center agent. Against all odds, working with a disability that would stop most everyone else, he graduated. He completed 600 hours of hard training and now he is reaching out to other blind and vision disabled veterans to tell them about the opportunity that he had. He wants other blind veterans to come and join him. You see, he has a dream of opening a blinded veterans call center. Staffed by former members of the US military who are now blind, for what ever reason. You can help with his dream, just spreading the word. If you know of any veteran who is vision disabled, have them contact Elroy Day immediately . They can email him at or call Ms. Thompson at 703 835 3531.
    And remember, the Navy has a tradition of helping their own.