Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

News (Or: How to spread TD thinly)

I'm guest blogging this week over at Patterico's site. I'm joined by Badger 6 and a whole crew of other illuminated pontiffs. Stop by and check it out!

I also have the story, in pictures, of a recent route clearance mission featured on Pajamas Media. Acute Politics will soon become a PJM affiliated blog. That will mean an advertisement or two on the page here, as well as a spot on the PJM blogroll and (hopefully!) some increased traffic.

Lastly, Acute Politics will be featured in the PBS documentary America at a Crossroads. The documentary series begins at 9pm on April 15. Acute Politics will appear on April 16 at 10pm in the segment Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime.


  1. Anonymous4/4/07 14:06

    Nice blog. I'm a regular at ITM. Great read! and insightful. Missions must be hell - I hope the locals in some way appreciate it. I get the feeling that they do - but we here in the states hardly ever here anything reported on the TV from them except how we destroyed their country. I don't beleive it at all though - Saddam brought this on them. I certainly hope our efforts pan out for them but then again, I'm just a hopeful kind of man.


  2. Anonymous4/4/07 14:51

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve it and the more readers you have the more they benefit with your incites and prose. Truly - congratulations.

  3. Anonymous4/4/07 14:57

    First time here, will be back. I'm USMC 1970-72, and have great interest in your mission there. I wish you all the best of luck out there.
    Where can I find information on the vehicles mentioned in your road clearing post?

    Lord Whorfin

  4. Anonymous5/4/07 06:08

    :O What r ya trying to say TD!? After slaving and sweating over a hot keyboard , trying to make our words purdy for ya at the end of the day, ya just walk in and say ya want to see other readers!?!?!(sniff, sniff) I shoulda known something was going on.(hehehehe) Blog on TD,I guess we can share you with others!

  5. TD, yowza! Congratulations. Nicely done.

  6. Anonymous5/4/07 20:59

    Just remember us when . . .

    ~Mrs. Badger6

  7. Anonymous5/4/07 23:49

    Aaaaaaaand the Rockstar goes supernova. Don't forget the little people.

    BTW, can I have your autograph? :P

  8. Your work merits the readers young man, read some of Ernie Pyle from WWII, you are in the same league. Stay safe keep up the post, you are a hero.

  9. Anonymous9/4/07 22:55

    I saw a preview of that show at the University of Kansas a month ago, It was very well done, and extremely moving. I was surprised to see how many milblogs I knew on it. Even though I've been reading many of them, the series humanized the experiences to a degree I hadn't felt before with such little effort. Congratulations and keep it up, we need it.

  10. Wow, congratulations on the exposure, TD! I found this blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm always interested to see what's new with you guys (and also to make sure that you're okay). It's awesome that PBS has picked up on this blog. Definitely one of the best ways to get unfiltered info straight from the battlefield!

  11. TD-

    Congratulations: this is well deserved. Keep it up and take care.

  12. TD,

    Thank goodneness there will be something other than Imus, Anna Nicole, Dancing with the stars, and other salacious garbage on the tele tonight!!

    Looking forward to seeing it!

    Oh, and now you are not only fighting the War on Terror, you are fighting the war with the MSM!