Before now poetry has taken notice
Of wars, and what are wars but politics
Transformed from chronic to acute and bloody?
from "Build Soil"
Robert Frost

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's time to update the blogroll again. You'll find more people that link to me added on the left.

Special thanks to

Patterico, who has been very gracious with links and clips.
Mary Katharine Ham , courtesy of Michelle Malkin's blog
and the Doonesbury crew at The Sandbox, who have reprinted several of my posts

Visitors here, both regular and new, have increased a lot over the last few weeks. It's been a lot of fun. I started this blog as a personal hobby, but it's grown to be a lot more. There are times when I feel like I've bit off more than I can chew, but it's been great so far. I had a talk a few weeks ago with Badger 6, who feels roughly the same way I do- Bring it on, and we'll see where the ride takes us!

You'll also find a new, hard link to my picture gallery, such as it is. No new pictures yet, but they'll be coming as soon as I have reliable upload capability again.


  1. Anonymous10/1/07 17:47

    Dear TD,
    I did discover your blog through the Sandbox. It's a little weird to say I enjoy reading about war, but I do enjoy reading your blog, and the others I have read. It's definitely a more personal and intensive insight into your lives that we would not normally see. And so, I truly cherish the words and pictures you post. I think, in part, I appreciate it because there are men over there who I care deeply about who are not able to write about their experiences and so that I appreciate it all the more. Do you know what I mean? In any case, keep it up as you are able. I love the idea of you all heaving concrete chunks around. What fun! I mean...what else?

  2. TD-

    Just keep chewing. Your blog provides an insightful look into the everyday reality on the ground in Iraq. You are making a difference. Thanks.

  3. I knew you would be a great blogger on my second read. Before you know it the front page won't be able to hold all your links, and sitemeter will burn trying to keep up with all the hits.

    But more importantly, we back home appreciate your service, and efforts to give us a glimpse at the war through your eyes.

  4. Your blog and Badger 6 are now checked everytime I turn on the PC. I have used several of your posts to attempt to sway my lib kool-aid drinker friends here on the left coast.

    Keep up the good writing, stay as safe as you can, and thanks!

  5. Like MadTom, I knew from the outset that this was going to be a great Milblog. Your post 'Profile of a Soldier' was particularly instructive for those with the misconception that American Soldiers volunteer because they are uneducated losers. Keep up the good work and stay as safe as you can.

  6. Michelle Malkin is sending you a lot of traffic.

    Congrats. She loved your last post, "Warning: War May Be Hazardous" and I would have to agree.

    It was an important public service announcement to let us know that exiting a moving vehicle could result in injury.

    I hate to break it to you but blogging can be hazardous too. I have some pictures of carpal tunnel victims but they are too gruesome to show anyone.

  7. Hey man-
    Great stuff! Keep it up. No one trusts the people selling sensationalism anymore and the newspapers are dying. Hopefully, history will record what true original sources like yourself have scribed.

    My four year old and I pray for your safety everynight.

    God Bless.
    Rochester, NY